• Santa Fe Soap Ranch Character Biography

    Today we want to introduce ourselves! So, every Monday we shall be telling you a little about us and our adventures, this week with Liz, Founder and Owner of the Santa Fe Soap Ranch.


    Name: Liz Grover

    From: Crescent, Oklahoma

    Favorite flower: Hollyhock 

    Favorite animal: Cat

    Favorite fragrance made at Santa Fe Soap Ranch: Desert Ghost Flower

    Favorite Santa Fe Soap Ranch product: Desert Ghost Flower Butter Bar

    Favorite food: Chinese

    Favorite movie: Casablanca

    Favorite book: Green Eggs and Ham


    Fun facts: 

    Liz is very considerate of others, everyone, and everything included! Her love of animals knows no bounds! Having a house full of animals, dogs, cats, and even birds would drive most people batty but she adores each and every one! Her compassion and love also spread to gardening and to remodeling her home, a trait she says is reminiscent of her Aunt Kitty.
    With her love of animals, gardening, and remodeling, it is no wonder that bees of all things appear in her life more often than not. But not in a negative way! When things start to get rough, bees randomly show up in various forms. From bees flying around inside, trinkets randomly appearing on her desk, and even an instance of a plastic toy bee ending up on her doorstep! Bees bring her comfort and encouragement to keep going!
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