• Santa Fe Soap Ranch Character Biography

    We want to introduce ourselves! So, today we shall be telling you a little about us and our adventures, and this week will be with Mike, our Fearless Owner and Master Soap Chef! 



    Name: Mike Grover 

    From: Colorado 

    Favorite flower: Sunflower 

    Favorite animal: Polar Bear 

    Favorite fragrance made at Santa Fe Soap Ranch: Lemongrass Sage and Sunflower 

    Favorite Santa Fe Soap Ranch product: Men's Shave Soap 

    Favorite food: Asian Cuisine, Pad Thai 

    Favorite movie: Gone With The Wind 

    Favorite book: Second Variety by Phillip K. Dick 


    Fun facts: 

    Mike was a chef before the Soap Ranch and has been all over the U.S. with his cooking! He was inspired by a chef he had worked for who was an incredibly passionate artist when it came to food. A guy who loves going off the beaten path, Mike is passionate with what he does and enjoys being his own businessman. As a kid, he ended up sleep walking near the Grand Canyon! A lover of music and the Baltimore Ravens, he is a fantastic leader in the art of soap making! 

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