About Us


When our youngest son was born without the first layer of skin that acts as a barrier to irritating environmental elements, we were faced with one of the most challenging and heart-wrenching experiences of our lives.  Without this layer of skin, our son would develop rashes that would blister, dry, harden to calluses, and sometimes scar. For the first three years of our son’s life, he suffered and we did everything we could to find him the comfort he so desperately needed.  Visits to his primary care doctor, dermatologists and allergists were often ended with them giving us prescriptions for antibiotics and steroid creams.  Disturbed by this trend and wanting a solution less medically invasive, we spent hundreds of hours on the internet, made life style changes to our household and applied Homeopathic remedies to our son’s skin care routine.  In spite of these efforts, we were left wondering what more could or should we do.  The one obvious solution to our son’s dilemma was Hydration.  We knew he found comfort in the bath, and we set out to find handcrafted soap products that would enhance his bathing experience and that did not contain detergents and other unnecessary chemicals that could irritate the skin.  Through our tireless research, we found a soap that is handcrafted with Organic Shea Butter and Natural Oils that facilitates the healing of our son’s skin.  Inspired, we carried it a step further and developed a line of soaps containing essential oils which benefit a variety of ailments from acne and dry skin to smelly feet and rough skin.  It is with great excitement that we offer these handcrafted bath products to you!

Let the hydrating begin!

Liz and Mike