• Santa Fe Soap Ranch Character Biography

    Today we want to introduce ourselves! So, every Monday we shall be telling you a little about us and our adventures, this week with Ken, our Store and Sales Manager.

    Name: Ken Stanley

    From: Lincoln, Nebraska

    Favorite flower: Morning Glory 

    Favorite animal: Dog

    Favorite fragrance made at Santa Fe Soap Ranch: Redwood Vetiver

    Favorite Santa Fe Soap Ranch product: Men's Shave Soap 

    Favorite food: Chicken

    Favorite movie: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

    Favorite book: The Bible


    Fun facts: 

    Ken is Mike and Liz's brother-in-law and is truly the face of the Soap Ranch.  With an outgoing and friendly personality, Ken makes friends wherever he goes.  He is passionate about his weekly Bible studies that are often hosted at his home that he shares with his wife, Sabine.  Fun fact about Ken:  Get a beer in him and boy does he love to sing Karaoke!  Just ask him if he knows the words to any song, and he's sure to give you a line or two!

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